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Permanent Hair Removal By Using SHR

  • SHR Laser is the best choice for permanent hair removal, besides waxing, shaving or threading.

  • As we all know waxing, shaving and threading may worsen the hair coarseness and increase the chances of having 2 or more hair strands in a single hair follicle.

  • Hair removal is the most common and popular cosmetic therapy done in Malaysia.

  • Pigments in the hair follicles will absorb the highly concentrated light produced by SHR laser, thereby destroying it.​

The Benefits of SHR Laser on Hair Removal

  • It is suitable and safe for all skin types.

  • The surrounding skin is left unharmed or will not get burn as SHR only targets selective coarse hair.

  • SHR is not colour blind compare to Intense pulse light (IPL) which stands a chance of burning the surrounding skin.(especially darker skin types)

  • Wide range of unwanted hair at face, underarms, arms and legs, bikini lines and other areas can be treated with SHR.

  • Smaller areas can be treated quickly in less than a minute, however larger areas like back, arms and legs may take longer.​

What are the Preceding Procedure Prior to SHR Hair Removal?

  • Shave unwanted hair 1-2 days prior to laser.

  • The best hair length for laser treatment is at least few mm above the skin surface.

  • Limit waxing or plucking unwanted hair 6 weeks before procedure.

  • As laser will target on hair root which has been remove by waxing and plucking.​

What to Expect During the Procedure?

  • During the treatment, you will feel a very slight discomfort but no pain.

  • However, 90% of patient will experience permanent hair loss after an average of 3-5 treatments of laser therapy.

  • New hair that grow will become finer with each treatment and eventually fall off.​

Post Laser Hair Removal Care

  • Like any other laser treatment, patient should avoid direct sun exposure.

  • Apply adequate sunscreen and moisturiser.​

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