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Available Treatments

  • Laser Skin Resurfacing

  • Dermapen Microneedling Therapy

Dermapen Microneedling Therapy

Treatment Details

  • The Dermapen is a motorised surgical instrument that uses a disposable needle tip cartridge with 12 micro-needles.

  • One-time disposable needle consumables

  • Speed – faster than manual applications

  • Short session times and faster recovery

  • Adjustable needle depth

  • Minimal to no pain

Dermapen Takes up to 40 Minutes


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Laser Skin Resurfacing

Treatment Details

  • Laser resurfacing is an effective way of reversing the damaging effects of sun exposure, ageing and lifestyle habits (such as smoking) on the quality, colour and texture of your skin such as sagging and stretch marks.

  • If your skin is sun-damaged with wrinkling around your eyes and mouth as well as skin laxity in your lower eyelid area.

The Steps

  • Skin Cleansing

  • Visia Skin Analysis

  • Photo Taking

  • Skin Check with our Dr

  • Numbing Cream

  • DOT Therapy to stretch marks

  • Soothing Mask with Aqua Hyaluronate

  • Recovery Cream and Sunblock

Laser Skin Resurfacing Takes up to 1-3 Hours


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