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Available Treatments

Thread Lift

Treatment Details

  • Thread Lift originated from Asian Oriental Acupuncture treatments that improve tissues stimulation and muscle contraction. With thread lift, we can create tissue rejuvenation from the natural healing process with enhanced collagen production.

    The needle is inserted to the subcutaneous of SMAS layer of the skin, and when the needle is taken out, the threads remain, implanted in the skin.

    Insertion of dozens of needles to the deeper layer of the skin with absorbable threads activates their natural regenerative process and mechanical stimulation of wound healing and tissue contraction.

    Collagen induction and tightened and lifted skin

    When inserted into the skin, it acts as a "scaffold"  for the skin which helps to "hold" the skin against the effects of gravity. These "mesh" of threads can also shape the face by lifting and supporting sagging structures.  


The treatment area includes the following:


  • Face-Forehead, nose, mid face cheek, Jaw Lines

  • Neck-tightening

  • Breast-firming shaping

  • Specific wrinkles, crow feet, glabellar fold, nasolabial fold, Indian fold, fine wrinkles





The Steps

  • Skin Cleansing

  • Numbing cream application

  • Skin marked for thread insertion

  • Thread lifting procedure

  • Compression and application of Vit K Arnica Cream

Thread Lift Takes up to 40 Minutes


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Laser Face Lift

Treatment Details

Ultrasound HIFU Facelift (Ultherapy)

Skin tightening procedures have become very popular in recent years because they provide a nonsurgical alternative to more invasive procedures for correcting skin laxity and improving skin quality.

Today at Beautinics you can choose among a number of different devices and technologies that provide noninvasive skin tightening solutions that are effective and lasts long.




The Steps

  • The treatment area is measured and marked.

  • Your skin numbed with a cream and is cooled for comfort and safety.

  • A specially designed treatment tip is placed against your skin.

  • Radiofrequency energy penetrates deep into the skin's tissue, heating the treatment areas and stimulating collagen production.

  • You will feel a gentle vibration as well as cooling and heating sensations during each pulse.

  • The upper layer of your skin is cooled.

Laser Face Lift Takes up to 1.5 Hours


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Laser Face Lift
Thread Lift
Face Reshaping and Contouring
Liquid Face
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