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Available Treatments

  • Laser Tattoo Removal(Body Art Removal)

Treatment Details

Laser tattoo removal is a noninvasive procedure that uses a nanosecond laser device to break down the pigment colours of an unwanted tattoo while causing minimal damage to surrounding tissue. Laser tattoo removal has become more and more popular as the prevalence of tattoos has increased over recent


The Steps

  • Skin Cleansing

  • Photo Taking

  • Skin Check with our Dr

  • Numbing Cream

  • Laser Tattoo removal

  • Antiseptic Cream and Recovery Cream

Possible Side Effects

  • Small pinpoint bleeding may be present over the skin treated area

  • Sometimes Blister can occur that will take about 5 days to heal

  • Keep the are clean and apply post laser recovery cream till the skin heals completely

  • Our Doctors will advise sun avoidance

  • Treatment may take multiple sessions depending on the depth of the ink

  • Colour or tattoo that can be removed normally are the blue and black inks

Tattoo Removal Takes up to 40 Minutes


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