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Available Solutions

  • Hair Restoration with PRP & Growth Factor Serum

Treatment Details

  • We have devised a treatment regime suited for Hair Loss and thinning of hair with a  regrowth hair serum with PRP.

  • With problematic and ageing scalp or simply unhealthy skin, we advise our patients an ideal scalp treatment that is able to reverse hair loss and promote a new cellular growth of hair from the roots.

  • We are proud to introduce our iScalp Serum with added PRP for better outcome and hair regeneration before baldness sets in.

The Steps

  • Hair Cleansing

  • Photo Taking

  • Skin Check with our Doctor

  • Numbing Cream

  • ScalpHeal Serum + PRP Treatment

  • Vit K cream massaged into to scalp region  

Possible Side Effects

  • Small pinprick sensation is felt during the injection

  • There may be some small red areas after the injection that will disappear after a few hours

  • Sometimes Bruising may be evident that will go away in a few days but is only temporary

  • Hair regrow will be evident after around 3 sessions and depending on severity of Hair loss

PRP Hair Restoration Takes up to 40 Minutes


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