Beautinics Medical Centre is handled by a team of experts.

 The well-being of our guests matters to us the most.

All of our medical cosmetic treatments are doctor-led and tailor-made to highlight the unique beauty of each guest. Our treatments are fast, safe and reliable. 

Our Centre

Your Medical Beauty Expert


Beauty is present

in you 

Beautinics approaches each of its guest with gentle care.


Our professional team uses effective, safe and quick medical technology to bring out the natural beauty in you.


An Exclusive Team

Beautinics has a strong professional team, every member is trained well to meet company’s strict requirements. We also provide continuous training. Beautinics provides cutting-edge medical cosmetic care.


 The health and interests of our guests are what we value most.

 Our professional team will review the medical history of our guests, we will make a detailed analysis of our guests to ensure the medical beauty programs fit our guests' needs.


We will analyse our guests' skin before and after the treatments to keep the track of the progress. Our goal is to ensure appropriate personal treatments are provided for our guests   


Personalised Medical

Beauty Experience 

 Beautinics invest resources in new medical beauty equipment, in order to help guests effectively solve their problems. Beautinics owns globally recognised medical beauty equipments to customise treatments for its guests.  


 Home care is very important after a medical beauty treatment. Beautinics provides professional home care products for better results.