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Hair Removal Methods

Women and men have always been admired for their compelling skin and hair, no matter their age. However, to achieve that, they try few hair removal methods.

Shaving takes forever and requires you to shave again and again. Waxing is essentially the most terrifying thing you’ll ever experience. Not that lying on a waxing table naked and afraid isn’t fun, but something about getting hot wax poured on your lady parts and ripping out the hair follicles just may not be your thing.Another option is laser hair removal, which seems like a dream come true compared to doing the other options for the rest of your life.

There are mainly to types of hair removal, these are called depilation and epilation.

These hair removal methods have their pros and cons Shaving and waxing are relatively different methods here is our comparison table for the both.

Permanent hair reduction is a dream come treatment, and here are our comparison tables for IPL, electrolysis and laser.

IPL, electrolysis and laser have different effects on different skin and hair types while

advance lasers work perfectly on all kinds of skins and hairs.

Why are some lasers considered as advance lasers? Find out in our next blog post.

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