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We love you to have your Smooth & Vibrant Face.

Beautinics Face Treatment Series is designed to bring back Smooth & Pretty face of our Customers. We will perform 3 types of Facial Treatment to vitalize & recover your skin conditions.

Oil Seed Removal

Performed by Our Professional Doctor. This is a unique technique that can treat a number of skin conditions such as: Skin tag removal, Mole removal Milia (oil seed).

Renew Peel

Ideal for cleansing the skin thoroughly. It evens skin tone, removes dead cells & toxins and re-balances pH levels. This reinforces collagen synthesis, while delivering a powerful dose of vitamins to the cells. The skin renewal facial peel is infused with nourishing Dead Sea Minerals, this non-abrasive peel will leave your skin feeling radiant and revitalized.

Charcoal Laser

Performed by Our Professional Doctor. This treatment helps to improve skin tone and reduces the appearance of fine lines, pigmentation, and scars.

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